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We Offer Soft Wash Roof Cleaning For Your Charleston Home

Here in Charleston, where the weather can be harsh and unpredictable, folks know the value of a sturdy, dependable roof—and the high cost of replacing one. A soft wash by the roof cleaning experts at Speed Surgeons  can eradicate harmful bacteria and algae, as well as protect against caustic organisms and animal droppings that can eat away at your shingles which will compromise the roof of your beautiful home.

The ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) highly recommends low-pressure bleach or detergent assisted washing as the preferred method for cleaning asphalt roofs. Our soft washing process uses specialized low-pressure agricultural sprayers to apply eco-friendly, biodegradable, solutions formulated specifically for your type of roof. You can depend on our experienced roof cleaning team to destroy and remove:

• Mold and Mildew

• Algae and Bacteria
• Fungus and Moss
• Bird Droppings and Disease-Carrying Organisms
• Leaf, Pollen and Smoke Stains and Discoloration

Every roof presents its own unique roof cleaning issues and challenges, and Speed Surgeons has the knowledge & tools to meet any cleaning challenge your property presents.

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Tired of looking at those black streaks, or even moss covering your roof? Worried about the potential damage this organic growth is causing to your asphalt shingles? Considering replacing your roof because of these unsightly stains? Don’t replace your roof. Just clean it! No need to worry any longer about the eye sore and potential damage mold, mildew, and moss is causing to your roof.


The technical name for the black streaks covering your roof is Gloeocapsa magma, commonly referred to as blue-green algae. The perfect conditions for blue-green algae to thrive is a humid, shady environment, with access to a food source. In Charleston and surrounding areas, these unsightly black streaks are typically seen on the North and Northwest facing sides of the roof, or heavily shaded properties. Left untreated, these black streaks will continue to grow, and eventually turn to moss. Black streaks on an asphalt shingle roof are very unsightly, however, moss can cause significant damage to your roof.

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Gloeocapsa magma

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The good news is these roof stains can be removed safely and effectively, using the proper techniques, biocides, and surfactants. Speed Surgeons uses a low-pressure soft wash process to clean the mold, mildew, algae, and moss from your Charleston roof. Once cleaned, your shingles will be completely eradicated of all mold, mildew, algae, and moss, for years of results. Drastically improve your home’s curb appeal and the life of your roof today!

Dirty Solar Panels?

We commend you for protecting Mother Earth with investing in solar panels. Solar panels not only improve your home’s energy usage but, it saves on utility bills and reduce carbon. At Speed Surgeons we’re committed to helping you improve the look and value of your home, so it remains healthy, efficient and beautiful for years to come. 

To help you get the most out of your solar panels, Speed Surgeons employs the same efficient streak-free guarantee, 3-step cleaning process that we use on your windows! Solar Panel cleaning is essential for optimal performance and efficiency. The longer solar panels sit outside, the dirtier they get. Dust, leaves, bird droppings, pollution and other impurities can prevent sunlight from reaching the cells inside your solar panels. This can lead to an energy loss of up to 25%. 

At Speed Surgeons, estimates are always free. Feel safe knowing our Exterior Experts are fully trained, insured, and have passed a background check. Call to Schedule a solar panel cleaning today and start saving immediately!


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Solar Panel Cleaning

Benefits of Routine Cleaning

A dirty roof will decrease the curb appeal of your property. Furthermore, it could cause problems with your Homeowners Association. Save yourself the hassle by placing your property in our maintenance program. Our Most Popular Program is the Whole House Package. This includes Roof Cleaning​, House Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning, and Fence Washing. We recommend having your property cleaned at least twice a year. Once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Utilize our prepayment incentive, and save 15% off your annual price. 

 We will tailor a service program designed with your specific needs in mind. Our custom tailored approach will ensure your property is maintained year round. Our team will be reminded of cleaning times; you won’t have the added task of monitoring your schedule. Save an additional 5% by utilizing automatic payment putting through Client Portal for peace of mind. Request a free property assessment today, and let us know when and where you need us to be. Then we’ll handle the rest! 

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