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Janitorial Servic​es

Being a facility manager requires dedication, attention to detail and a passion to see your business succeed and grow every day. Keeping the work environment in top shape is one of your number one priorities. Proper janitorial cleaning protects a facilities’ assets, enhances employee productivity, and keeps customers coming back. Keeping up with your custodial maintenance is non-negotiable. You need janitorial services that align with your goals, keep your staff safe, and produce exceptional results. We keep you clean, green, and compliant with a full range of janitorial services. You’re free to focus on your core responsibilities. Working together, we will tailor a service program that meets the needs of your facility type, and usage.

What Our ​Team Provides

Speed Surgeons offers a wide range of janitorial services to clean your commercial buildings. Our team leaders evaluate your needs and design a cleaning schedule and services that won’t just fit your needs, but your budget as well.

In addition to our window, carpet, and floor maintenance cleaning services, we also offer:

• Emptying trash

• Dusting

• Restroom cleaning & sanitation

• Vacuuming

• General office cleaning & maintenance

• Floor Sweeping & Mopping

• Cleaning entryways, stairwells, elevators

• Other tasks per client specification

We recommend the optimal cleaning frequency for your building; typically, we start at three days a week, but that number could go up, depending on your day-to-day foot traffic and the industry you work in. Our custom tailored approach will ensure your workplace is always up to your expectations. We monitor and track their work time with our telephone timekeeping system. Our supervisors perform regular inspections to ensure the quality of our employee’s work; you won’t have the added task of monitoring our staff’s performance or time logs. 

We will keep your building looking great, ensuring that it’s a clean and healthy environment for your staff and clients! 

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Nightly Tidy

If you hired a cleaning company and they showed up partway through office hours to start cleaning, I can guarantee that would be an issue for you. Speed Surgeons offers after-hours office cleaning. Cleaning up nightly on a regular basis allows you and your employees to work in clean spaces and eliminates day-to-day.

Day-Time Services

In need consistent cleaning throughout the day in your restrooms, break rooms, or lockers rooms? No problem, Speed Surgeons offers day porter services. We work with you to identify your needs and create a comprehensive cleaning plan.

Full Service

Speed Surgeons goes beyond simply making sure your floors and bathrooms are cleaned. We provide higher-level facility support like landscaping, concrete washing, high dusting, or cleaning after an office move. Forget the hassle and costs of hiring multiple contractors and allow Speed Surgeons your number one service provider.

Benefits of Routine Janitorial Cleaning

A dirty workspace will have a negative effect on employee safety and productivity. Furthermore, it could give your potential customers the wrong idea about your work ethic and attention to detail. When you hire our commercial janitorial services for your facility, you’re putting your best foot forward for tenants, clients, customers, and staff. Make the best first impression possible when each potential customer walks through your doors.

At least three times each week, our team of vetted professionals will come to your facility and handle your General cleaning & maintenance, in addition to big tasks like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and floor polishing. 

Facilities that are professionally cared for last longer— and your bottom line will reflect that!

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Industries We Serve

.• Medical Facilities

• Condo Buildings

• Corporate Offices

• Colleges and Universities

• Gyms and Fitness Centers

• Auto Dealerships

• Schools

• Distribution Centers

• Food Services

• Churches

• Retail

We will tailor a service program designed with your specific needs in mind. We want you to get the most from your service relationship with Speed Surgeons and provide you with the best possible communications. It is our duty and our goal to manage these services so you can focus on your business and products. Request a quote today and let us show you how we can save you time and money.

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