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Commercial Janitorial 

Keeping your work environment in top shape is one of your number one priorities. proper janitorial cleaning protects a facilities’ assets, enhances employee productivity, and brings customers back. Keeping up with your custodial maintenance is non-negotiable. You need janitorial services that align with your goals, keep your staff safe, and produce exceptional results. We keep you clean, green, and compliant with a full range of janitorial services.  You’re free to focus on your core responsibilities. Working together, we will tailor a service program that meets the needs of your facility type, and usage.


Power Washing 

Keeping your business or property looking it’s best is one of the most important things that you can do because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When it comes to commercial pressure washing service in Charleston, SC.  You can count on Speed Surgeons to get the job done right. Our professional and affordable commercial power washing services are enjoyed by businesses, institutions and companies across the Carolinas. Our company is licensed, insured and ready to talk to you about your specific needs.


Floor Care 

Taking care of your commercial hard floor surfaces mean they will last longer and appear cleaner. A scheduled maintenance program specifically designed for commercial floor care can help extend the life of your floors. We have knowledge of a variety of services for floors including stripping and refinishing, buffing and high-speed burnishing for hard surface finished floors. These include hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, concrete and more. Speak with a professional today to coordinate a schedule.


Window Cleaning

Nobody notices a window until it’s dirty, and that dirty window can subtract from your business image. At Speed Surgeons, we work alongside you to develop a regular cleaning schedule for your restaurant or storefront to keep customers feeling cheery as they browse your awesome food menu, services, and products. We offer spot-free window cleaning utilizing an eco friendly cleaning solution, a microfiber scrubber for agitation of debris, and a professional grade squeegee to wipe windows free of water and streaks. A light cleaning solution is applied to pre-soak the surface, which allows hardened materials like dirt, grime, bug markings, and bird droppings to loosen. No building is too tall for our experienced window cleaners. Contact us for a free quote.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

Over time, the carpets in your office, hotel or business will wear down. Heavy foot traffic from employees and customers, grinds dirt and other particles into the carpet fibers, breaking down the carpet. Regular cleaning by your professional carpet cleaners at Speed Surgeons will remove the accumulated dirt and bacteria, improving your office’s air quality and creating a healthier, more comfortable environment for you and your employees. In addition, this will prolong the life of your carpet, protecting your investment. Contact a representative today.


COVID-19 Electrostatic Fogging

Electrostatic Sprayers provides more robust coverage due to the technology they employ and helps kill microbes and Covid-19. Our Electrostatic Sprayer uses a hospital grade disinfectant and disperses it as an aerosol mist composed of positively charged disinfectant droplets. These droplets electromagnetically attach to surfaces and envelop target objects, meaning all sides can receive the disinfectant, not just the side facing the sprayer. Our number 1 priority is to keep your employees and customers feeling safe! We will also leave a Completion Certificate to properly show proof of disinfecting & sanitizing. Contact us today for a free estimate to Sanitize & Disinfect your facility. Keep your customers and employees feeling safe!


Post Construction Cleaning 

Construction is a messy business. When the project is complete, there’s no telling what dirt and debris might be left behind. And while your builders might be experts at construction, they probably aren’t trained on the finer points of cleaning when the last nail is finally hammered into place. That’s where Speed Surgeons comes in. Speed Surgeons provides efficient, expert post construction cleaning services for building contractors, owners, and managers. If you’re in need of a cleaning contractor to partner with, we are pleased to handle your construction cleanup. Request a free consultation for your construction cleanup today, and let us know when and where you need us to be. Then we’ll handle the rest! 


Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning 

Are you a restaurant owner having problems with dirty kitchen hoods? Then look no further! Speed Surgeons is here to serve you. We help restaurants and other food businesses in cleaning their kitchen hoods. We also want to help you to be compliant of existing regulations when it comes to maintaining and cleaning kitchen hoods. We understand that compliance to NFPA-96 Standard is important for you and your kitchen business. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to give you a free quote for your kitchen hood cleaning needs. Just call us if you need regular cleaning, set the schedule and forget about it! It will be our job to clean as per schedule so that your kitchen hoods will never have to deal with grease build-up again.


Fully Licensed and Insured

Speed Surgeons Home Restoration, LLC is fully licensed and insured.  Your facility is fully covered with our one million in liability insurance. Plus, Speed Surgeons employees are fully covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance. We believe the peace of mind of our clients is just as important as how clean their facilities are.

"This company is my go to pressure washing company now. They are quick, presentation is professional, and polite. They have earned my yearly maintenance for my business."

Justin Game

District Manager, Sherwin Williams

Speed Surgeons provides window cleaning at 27 of our stores in SC. They are very hard workers, cleaning and invoices are always serviced on time.  Also, Martel, the owner, is very reliable. I have enjoyed our partnership.

Tammy Knight

Director of Business Development, Mascot Building Services, Inc

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